Business Matchmaking Trumps Traditional Expo Service, Guest Invitations in Full Swing for C-TOUCH & DISPLAY SHENZHEN 2016


Following the human-computer match between DeepMind program AlphaGo and world-renowned Go champion Lee Sedol earlier this year, artificial intelligence changed from a specialized subject in the scientific community to a topic for the masses. Ideas of robots replacing human workers, and even artificial intelligence dominating and threatening the survival of the human race have been widely reported or spread. In fact, in recent years, high-quality and efficient automatic production has been widely used to replace less efficient manual operations in China’s electronics manufacturing industry; an increasing number of automatic systems has additionally adopted this technology in all sections of production lines. This transformation from traditional electronics manufacturing to a high-tech, automatic manufacturing has been generally recognized throughout the electronics sector. 



Recent reviews of the development of the exhibition industry have indicated clear changes in the definition of traditional service. Facing increasingly fierce competition in the market, how can today’s enterprises stand out among their competitors’ elaborate booths while managing to meet target customers in a sea of visitors? It is the general desire of exhibitors – particularly those struggling with the Industry 4.0 trend, to build their brand image and acquire more sales leads during the expo. As the exhibition additionally serves as an industry communication platform, they would also like to leave with a firmer grasp of market opportunities and an expansion in market shares.


At C-TOUCH & DISPLAY SHENZHEN 2016, the organizer endeavors to build a top commerce communication platform by focusing on those difficulties commonly encountered by its participants, these include reform, innovation, and electronics manufacturing developmental requirements. The event will have an additional focus on market hot spots related to smart phones, commercial displays, automotive electronics, and smart home and intelligent hardware.


Several years of success and development have led to an accumulation of rich resources covering all target groups of C-TOUCH & DISPLAY. The organizer aims to make full use of such resources in order to propose effective marketing solutions to participating C-TOUCH & DISPLAY manufacturers, and to help its customers to resolve ongoing difficulties in market development and expansion. The Targeted Attendee Program (TAP) has proven to be beneficial to further promoting the event’s participation value by trumping traditional expo service and bringing win-win economic benefits to both visitors and exhibitors. 



The TAP Diamond Club, a special VIP guest project, achieved great success at C-TOUCH & DISPLAY SHENZHEN 2015; the expo was well received by many exhibitors and professional buyers. According to post-show statistics, 688 enterprises from the cellphone, tablet PC, touchscreen and display device manufacturing sectors were invited via this specialized matching program. Invitees included industry-leading enterprises such as Huawei, ZTE, BOE, Truly, Foxconn and BYD. While onsite, TAP enterprises participated in over 130 face-to-face business meetings with 85 exhibitors. It was additionally reported that gross turnover was expected to reach RMB 194 million Yuan.


The TAP program is a customized business matching service designed to pair exhibitors with professional buyers who are specifically interested in their products and services. Its general purpose is to establish an efficient bridge of communication between high-quality attendees with buying decision power and first-class exhibitors. Prior to the exhibition, the TAP team visits leading industry enterprises representing touch technology, display and applications, where they carefully select top-level managers with purchase intentions and invite them as C-TOUCH & DISPLAY target attendees. At the exhibition site, the TAP team subsequently arranges face-to-face business meetings with exhibitors tailored specifically to their buying needs.


The new and improved C-TOUCH & DISPLAY SHENZHEN 2016 will be offering this specialized TAP service with an aim to better serve professional buyers and exhibitors by expanding the event’s increasingly renowned business negotiation platform. 



Members of the TAP Diamond Club are high-quality visitors with purchase demands and authority in or influence on purchase decision-making from such industries as tablet and notebook PC manufacturing, cellphone manufacturing, touchscreen manufacturing, photoelectric display, touch module manufacturing, model cutting & processing, and film/adhesive tape manufacturing. TAP guests have ‘first in line’ access to communicate face-to-face with senior management of targeted exhibitors. They can also obtain the latest information on products and technologies of touchscreen/tablet display manufacturers and touchscreen application enterprises, while enjoying a variety of bespoke VIP guest services before and during the expo. 


Dedicated services for TAP VIP guests include: queue-free hall and VIP Lounge access; personalized schedule; exclusive VIP guest activities; access to international summits; first-time access to new exhibitor products; special VIP gifts; and promotional interview opportunities. 



Several Synchronous Expos Helping to Build a Professional Exhibition Platform and Integrated Touchscreen Industrial Chain


It is worth mentioning that FILM EXPO SHENZHEN 2016 and APFO EXPO SHENZHEN 2016 will be held concurrently during C-TOUCH & DISPLAY SHENZHEN 2016, which will include a series of new exhibition areas for sapphire manufacturing, high functional materials, and metal mobile coverings. All three expos, including new exhibition areas, will share a connection to touchscreen and display materials and technologies, in addition to innovation applications.


The integration of these three events, all of which boast a high level of influence in their respective fields, will allow exhibitors the opportunity to share professional visitor resources from the upstream and downstream of the entire touchscreen and display industrial chain, while obtaining innovative ideas for technical reform and precious prospects for business expansion. At the same time, a series of new materials and devices, including extended products, will be additionally showcased transforming the expo into a veritable, one-stop and comprehensive platform for purchasing and expertise.


For those who are interested in first-time access to the latest market trends, enjoy cutting-edge technical products, and are keen to expand their business connections, C-TOUCH & DISPLAY SHENZHEN 2016, scheduled from November 24th to November 26th, is a not-to-miss event! As a top communication platform for suppliers and users in the industry, the event connects all sectors at home and abroad, while projecting China’s C-TOUCH & DISPLAY industry steadily closer to the Industry 4.0 era of intelligent manufacturing.


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A joint venture established in 2015 by Reed Exhibitions Greater China, a part of Reed Exhibitions, the world’s leading events organizer, and Shanghai Kuozhan Exhibition Services Co., Ltd., a China’s leading events organizer specialized in middle and large-scale meetings and exhibitions, Reed Exhibitions Kuozhan is engaged in organizing touch screen industry events and is one of the nine outstanding member companies under Reed Exhibitions Greater China.

Reed Exhibitions Kuozhan organizes two international touch screen exhibitions in China each year. The China International Touch Screen Exhibition, commonly known as C-TOUCH&DISPLAY, is a world-leading touch screen event, along with (concurrently held events) FILM EXPO, APFO EXPO and 3D PRINTING.

Apart from building its events to be a one-stop platform for learning, procurement, and first-hand experience in the respective industries, Reed Exhibitions Kuozhan conducts a wide range of technological forums as sideline events, gathering trade visitors and buyers, from locally and abroad, from a wide range of industries, including smart terminals, automotive, industrial control, aerospace, media and advertisements, healthcare and real estate. The events offer the most comprehensive and cutting edge information of products and solutions, helping to drive the rapid development of the Touch Panel and 3D Printing industry in China and around the world.


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