Create a Professional Grant Event of Touch & Display - Grand Opening of C-TOUCH & DISPLAY SHENZHEN 2016


On November 24, 2016, the international famous industrial grant event of c-touch & display – C-TOUCH & DISPLAY SHENZHEN 2016 will be grandly opened in the Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center. This exhibition that will last for 3 days and occupy an area of 60,000 m2 are supported by nearly 1,000 exhibitors in upstream and downstream of the industry chain, including the enterprises in the fields of touchscreen manufacturing equipment and materials, touchscreen manufacturers, smart phones, flat panel display processing and terminal application that will gather together to display respective newest products and technologies. In the first day of the opening, on-site professional purchasers and visitors have exceeded 10,000. According to the forecast of the organizer, the scale and numbers of visitors of the C-TOUCH & DISPLAY SHENZHEN 2016 may hit a new record.



In the current electronic product field, artificial intelligence is in the ascendant, VR/AR becomes popular, and internet based industry integration brings new development opportunity gradually. In the market with gradually fierce competition, interaction among product designer, producer and consumer becomes increasingly important for update of electronic products. This term of C-TOUCH & Display complies with the technical trend and tendency of application, and collects various innovative ideas and products, in order to seek new breakthrough for further increase of the industry.


C-TOUCH & DISPLAY SHENZHEN upgraded from C-TOUCH SHENZHEN represents the overwhelming integration trend of the c-touch & display industry. The exhibition focuses on touch technology, combines with various photoelectric display technologies such as TFT, LTPS, OLED and AMOLED, covers surrounding industrial ecospheres such as sapphire, metal mobile phone casing and 3D bent glass, provides an ideal trade and display platform for each c-touch & display industry/enterprise that hopes to win a position in the industrial 4.0 tide, and meets one-stop efficient procurement demand of the professional purchaser to the maximum extent. In addition, the organizer well planned and launched splendid concurrent activities. By combing the conference with exhibition, it has an insight into the industry development code for the participants and creates a comprehensive industry information platform. Among many highlights of this term of C-TOUCH & DISPLAY, c-touch & display industry integration is first improved to a new height through the exhibition (a business platform).


Collect exhibitors of famous brands, and cover the complete industry chain


This unprecedented exhibition collects various famous brands of the whole c-touch & display industry chain, including relevant touchscreen manufacturers such as Lens Technology, DJN Optronics, Holitech, K & D Technology, 3M, SVG Optronics, O. Film, EELY, ViewSonic, New Vision Display, CSG HOLDING, AGC, NEG, Touch China, YUN TIAN-GE, SCHOTT, Toptouch, DONGXU and KANGDEXIN; in addition, many powerful enterprises participate in the exhibition in material field and equipment field. Partial famous enterprises in the material field include SELEN SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY, DON, Henkel, DX, Huigui, Teikoku, SEIKO, SCREEN INK, Merlia, TOYO, SUNHIGH, HUAKE TEK, Fuyuan Technology, ACETRON, polomo, LINTEC, COSMOTAC, etc.; partial famous enterprises in the equipment field include ATMA, ShenHongHai, HIWIN, Huan qiu tong chuang, STRONG LASER, LIJU, SOGO, KEF, SHINCRON, Applied Meterials, Taikan, LIANDE, UP printer, etc.



Moreover, Panasonic comes to the site of C-TOUCH & DISPLAY exhibition with corresponding “double-sided copper foil PET thin-film material” of touch foil of large screen this year. Through independently developed resin design technology and film coating technology of copper foil bonding layer, achieve excellent resistance to bending. It may also restrain poor open circuit and resistance of large screen, and achieve productization of “double-sided copper foil PET thin-film material” of touch foil with high sensitivity and high visual identification. In addition, the international field has many powerful enterprises, wherein booth area of exhibition group of South Korea reaches 270m2, and there are 22 exhibitors that centrally show technologies and products of companies.


In the exhibition site, all the things displayed by exhibitors are cutting-edge products and technologies subordinated to the brand. We can see the spirit reflected from Chinese touchscreen and display industry: Pursue technical perfection with excellent and meticulous attitude, and reach to the technical highest point with innovative spirit and passion. Overseas and domestic representative enterprises of various nodes of relevant industry chains from equipment manufacture, raw materials manufacture and terminal application gather together, and a large number of innovative products and cutting-edge technologies are dizzying.



High-quality purchasers gather here to enjoy the industry feast


As a grand event of the whole industry chain of touchscreen and display industry, C-TOUCH & DISPLAY SHENZHEN is a famous authoritative display platform in the touchscreen and display industry. Visitors of the exhibition are mainly from middle and downstream enterprises of touchscreen and display industry chain, including touchscreen and flat-panel display manufacturer, industrial control, security, test product manufacturer, automotive electronics manufacturer, consumer electronics manufacturer, interactive device manufacturer, smart home manufacturer, smart wearable manufacturer, aviation and military electronics manufacturer, and software and man-machine interaction solution provider. Visiting groups of many industry-leading enterprises and industry associations are present in the site of the exhibition one after another, and then start the tour of visiting C-TOUCH & DISPLAY SHENZHEN 2016. Wherein there collects many technical backbones and purchasing decision makers, including O. Film, FUJI XEROX, TIANMA, Foxconn, Skyworth, TCL, BYD, TopTouch, Touch-China, ILITEK, Biel, LEYBOLD, Yintefeng, Jinghua Display, SZOT, DEVOL, B-TOUCH, MELFAS, SUCCESS, Speedy-Tech Electronics, ZP Design, Tuokeda, FocalTech, Nubia, AVD, REWALCD, CSOT, etc.



The organizer of this term of exhibition in Shenzhen also actively assists the exhibitors to expand the overseas market, especially the market of Southeast Asia. In the beginning of preparing the exhibition, it starts to specially invite overseas professional visitors. Except enhancing the promotion in some famous overseas media such as FINETECH JAPAN,, TOUCH PANEL KOREA and EMPIRE MEDIA, it still strives for in-depth cooperation with overseas industry associations and CMAI. Through the promotion activities above, many overseas visitors are present in this term of exhibition, including the purchaser groups of India, Japan, South Korea, etc. Their participation helps the participating enterprises further develop overseas market.



Change with the times, set up special fields, and guide new orientation of development of c-touch & display industry


With further development of INCELL/ONCELL technology, various photoelectric display technologies such as TFT, LTPS, OLED and AMOLED are more and more widely used, which also promotes the boom of many new materials such as sapphire, 3D glass, metal mobile phone casing, and other surrounding industries. In C-TOUCH & DISPLAY SHENZHEN 2016, it continues launching the mode of main exhibition c-touch & display technology + sub exhibition fields, continuously expands industry extension, sets up various special fields including sapphire processing technology field, metal mobile phone casing processing and molding and nanometer injection molding field and 3D bent glass manufacturing technology field and other sub exhibition fields, strives to divide special fields of professional exhibition, and builds a convenient communication platform between visitors and objective enterprises with more accurate precise positioning.


Sapphire processing technology field focuses on global sapphire processing and application, and lays emphasis on the presentation of new manufacturing technology, new material and new equipment of sapphire substrate, and the increasingly expanded application fields. However, with the participation of a batch of famous manufacturers such as Monocrystal-PV Technology, Aurora Optoelectronics, NJC, HAN’S LASER TECHNOLOGY, SHENGXIONG LASER, Tangshan Jingyu Technology, PhiChem, Yujing Machinery and Aolong, the exhibition related industry chain will be extended to the application terminal, which greatly enriches the types of exhibits, and opens the channels for development and communication of upstream and downstream enterprises of the touch industry. In the metal mobile phone casing processing field, automatic robotic arm of HIWIN TECHNOLOGIES leads the struck of “industrial 4.0”; in the 3D bent glass manufacture field, the rock glass displayed by KMTC is provided with both edge covering of perfect arc and excellent translucency, and brings a new field of vision for the manufacture of screen of smart phone.



Have an insight into the code for industry development, and carry out splendid concurrent activities


With continuous highlights of concurrent activities, C-TOUCH & DISPLAY SHENZHEN 2016 creates a comprehensive industry information platform for the participants by combining conference with the exhibition. The conference held in Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center attracts the participation of representatives from large-size screen industries including touchscreen, display, household appliances, tablet PC, mobile phone scheme design and consumer electronics manufacturing industry, ECU, navigation, education and commercial use. Various parties communicate and share the product information and cutting-edge technologies in a cheerful atmosphere.


The grand event of industrial technology organized by Reed Exhibitions Kuozhan and undertaken by China Touch Control Association (CTCA) and Modern Touch Screen magazine – Touchscreen & Display Tech Forum holds the 13th conference this year. Famous experts and professionals from academic circle and industrial circle such as Huawei, TIANMA, ST, IHS Markit, Visionox, K&D Technology and BYD show the solutions of supporting new materials and high-end equipment in accordance with future market trend of the industry and future demands of intelligent terminal, and share big data of professional research organization and the latest scientific achievements of various colleges and universities by combining hot technology applications in touchscreen and display industries.



As a forum activity jointly held by the organizer and Counterpoint, Mobile Phone Industry Chain Summit 2016 collected many authoritative experts of mobile phone industry, such as Edmund Tse, Strategy and Planning Director of TCL- Alcatel, Ge Lan, senior hardware engineer of Samsung, Sun Xiaodong, Quality Director of Meizu and Peter Richardson, Chief Research Officer of Counterpoint who carried out in-depth discussion on the topics of “trend of global mobile phone industry and competitive environment of manufacturers”, “function setting of smartphone and development trend of core component”, “new technical trend of man-machine interaction solution of smartphone led by c-touch & display” and “challenges and countermeasures for quality management of smartphone”.


In addition, a feast of academic exchange is also formed through the successively convened Smartphone Casing Industry Summit 2016, Sapphire Processing Technology & Application Forum 2016, Seminar of the Cleanroom (2016), Clean the key of south China, The 2nd Die Cutting Market & Materials Technology Forum and Investment Matchmaking Road Show (Southern China) and Optical Film Development & Key Technology in Post LCD Display Industry Forum!



TAP point-to-point interaction initiates a new mode of business matchmaking service for the exhibition


Fruitful business matchmaking service of Reed Exhibition – The VIP CLUB is specially invited by TAP this year as before to greatly promote the contact and negotiation between the participating enterprises and target customers. Understanding to targeted demand will result in efficient communication about commerce and trade. So in the exhibition platform of C-TOUCH & DISPLAY SHENZHEN 2016, the exhibitors are matched with each other on the exhibition site through early investigation and study and later scheme integration of VIP CLUB team specially invited by the organizer TAP in the meantime of centrally displaying the company’s new products and technologies for widening marketing channel, in order to have a point-to-point understanding to real demands and pain points of industrial customers, carry out targeted docking of company business, and solve a series of industrial difficulties in market development and purchase source expansion.


Learned from the organizer, the industrial purchasers specially invited by TAP from TP manufacturer, mobile phone manufacturer, die cutting manufacturer, automotive electronics, sapphire, smart home, etc. this year include: O. Film, BIEL, TIANMA, Touch-China, Eoch, IVO, BOE, TPK, TRULY, HOLITECH, Oulei Deng, Lens Technology, King Jin Optoelectronics, CSOT, Toptouch, SUCCESS; Huawei, Meizu, ZTE, TCL, Lenovo, Samsung, Coolpad, Nubia, OPPO, Vivo, MobiFOX; BYD, Foxconn, Omron, FRD, Zhengfeng Printing, Sanrenxing Die Cutting, Tianlianxing; BYD, SVAUTO, Valeo, HSAE, PROTRULY; Saifei, Lens Technology, Crystal Optoelectronics, Unionlight, TDG; Panasonic, TCL, BBK, Philips, Fostone, Huaying Intelligent Building, neuwill, Wohui Living Technology, etc. Wherein, more than 1,600 persons join the club specially invited by TAP. On the exhibition site, they wear obvious identifications –chest card with orange tether, in order to be guided by special TAP service consultants, to conduct nearly 200 times of face-to-face communication with more than 100 exhibitors that meet their demands.


Assisted by media of the association, the exhibition becomes a focus of the industry


C-TOUCH & DISPLAY SHENZHEN 2016 was successfully held under full support and high-level approval of various enterprises, associations, media and friends in the industry, including China Touch Control Association, Shenzhen Mobile Communications Association, Guangdong Touch and Application Display Association, Shenzhen Printed Circuit Association, Shenzhen Panel Display Industry Association, Guangdong Plastics Industry Association, CMAI, etc. The above mentioned industrial famous associations try their best to support the exhibition with their industry resources and appeal ability. In the exhibition of this year, more than 40 overseas and domestic industry associations organize the professional personnel of the c-touch & panel display industry to pay a visit in group. In addition, more than 100 media partners that cover the public and relevant industries actively support and assist early promotion and propaganda of the exhibition, and play indispensable functions in improving brand and investment values of the exhibition. In the first day of the exhibition, some media reporters come to the site for interview and report. After seeing the grand occasion in the first day of the C-TOUCH & DISPLAY this year, they record every splendid moment and industrial frontier technology with their cameras and lens. The grand occasion of the C-TOUCH & DISPLAY this year makes headlines of every media partner.


Many lucky draw activities and a large number of high-tech prizes light the atmosphere on site


Before exhibition, C-TOUCH & DISPLAY SHENZHEN 2016 vigorously promotes pre-registration for visiting, in order to help the visitors to register for visiting by online and offline methods, and by launching the methods of website, Wechat, message, EDM, etc., and thus shorten the time for queuing up for registration, and enter the site more quickly. Meanwhile, in order to attract more professional visitors to enter the site for communication, the organizer provides diversified on-site prizing activities, which lights the atmosphere.


It is worth mentioning that all visitors can obtain the ticket of Shenzhen Metro freely. With this ticket and the visitor card, the visitor can take Shenzhen Metro and most buses in Shenzhen freely during November 24-November 26, which provides great convenience for visitors. In addition, for improving experience of visitors and increasing interactivity, different gifts are prepared on site for pre-registered visitors, forum visitors and interactive visitors of on-site activities, including several lucky draw activities such as “gifts for pre-registration”, “gifts for attracting the attention”, “gifts for group”, “special gifts for VIP”, “gifts for concern in WeChat” and “on-site lucky draw”. The prizes include Che Yue Bao, smart cup, nursing robot for medication of parents, GEEQEE attendance router, smart switch, TV player, etc. In the first day of the exhibition, many visitors go back with gifts obtained in visiting. This kind of humanized interaction and courtesy makes the exhibition become more interesting, and moreover, these gifts are also memorable for fans of the exhibition.


The splendid concurrent exhibitions build a professional display platform to achieve the complete touchscreen industry chain


During C-TOUCH & DISPLAY SHENZHEN 2016, FILM EXPO SHENZHEN 2016 and APFO EXPO SHENZHEN 2016 will be held on the same site concurrently. These exhibitions are related to touchscreen and display materials and technologies, or related to innovative application. The exhibitors will share the professional visitor resources in the upstream and downstream of the whole industry chain of touchscreen and display industry, get the innovative thinking of technical improvement and the precious opportunity of developing new business markets (blue ocean), as well as provide industrial visitors with new materials, equipment, chance of one-stop industrial comprehensive study, purchase and experience, in order to make the exhibition become a veritable professional display platform for the whole industry chain in the industry.


As a professional exhibition in the international famous c-touch and display industry, C-TOUCH & DISPLAY SHENZHEN not only creates new modes, but also elaborately adjusts the exhibition contents and activity promotion, in order to make the exhibitors and purchasers feel the sincerity of intimate service of the organizer. Just in the first day, C-TOUCH & DISPLAY SHENZHEN 2016 has left a deep impression for all visitors. I believe that there will be more visitors on site in the next two days, and the organizer has prepared more surprises during product display and in the on-site activities for you to open.


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Reed Exhibitions Kuozhan organizes two international touch screen exhibitions in China each year. The China International Touch Screen Exhibition, commonly known as C-TOUCH&DISPLAY, is a world-leading touch screen event, along with (concurrently held events) FILM EXPO, APFO EXPO and 3D PRINTING.

Apart from building its events to be a one-stop platform for learning, procurement, and first-hand experience in the respective industries, Reed Exhibitions Kuozhan conducts a wide range of technological forums as sideline events, gathering trade visitors and buyers, from locally and abroad, from a wide range of industries, including smart terminals, automotive, industrial control, aerospace, media and advertisements, healthcare and real estate. The events offer the most comprehensive and cutting edge information of products and solutions, helping to drive the rapid development of the Touch Panel and 3D Printing industry in China and around the world.


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