1. Touch Panel Modules / Displays

Touch panes, modules / displays, infrared touchscreens, acoustic touchscreens, optical touchscreens, resistant touchscreens,capacitive touchscreens, etc.
Camera Modules Pavilion:
Mobile phones & Tablet PCs camera module, Digital camera module, Fingerprint identification, Production processing parts and components: Lens units, sensors, FPCs, DSPs, Production processing material: lenses, IR filters, lens holders, VCMs, driver ICs, connectors, stiffeners, adhesives, glass substrates, etc., Production and processing equipment: Cleaning solutions, ovens, dispensers, soldering equipment, screen printing equipment, testing equipment, cutting equipment, grinding equipment, polishing equipment, coating equipment, etc.

2. Components / Materials

Screen printing consumables (conductive ink/silver paste / screen printing masks / mesh / photographic emulsion, optical film /protective film, plate glass, sapphire, target materials / vacuum coating materials, photo resistant materials, purification supplies /anti-static products, optical glue / adhesive tape, ITO film / ITO glass, ITO alternatives (graphene / silver nanowires / conductive polymer / carbon nanotubes, metal mesh), FPC / touch control IC
Sapphire Pavilion:
Sapphire crystal and the supporting base, equipment for crystal growth system, sapphire chip and bar, chemical polishing, ion beam polishing, laser beam polishing, grinding equipment, diamond grinding wheel, resin grinding wheel, chamfering machine, thinning (vitrified abrasive), polishing slurry for sapphire chip, cleaning equipment for sapphire, other production technique and equipment

3. Touchscreen Equipment / Devices

Screen printing machines, coating / deposition (curing/exposure/etching), cleaning equipment, cleaning / water treatment / antistatic equipment, coating equipment, cutting equipment, curing/drying equipment, attaching equipment / dispensing equipment, AOI / analyzers / detectors

4. Touchscreen Applications

Intelligent dressing equipment, digital signage / advertising machines, smart phones, query machine / ATMs, tablets / notebook computers, automatic calling distributors / POS cash registers, KTV jukebox / coupon printers electronic whiteboards, GPS navigation, automotive, aerospace electronic control plates, instruments and meters / industrial control equipment / membrane switches

5. Software and Solutions Software and Solutions
6. Biometrics Pavilion

Fingerprint identification, retina identification, iris identification, face identification, palm geometry identification, voice identification, signature identification, gene identification, vein identification, gait identification, character identification
Biology Identification Solutions:
Fingerprint module, fingerprint lock, fingerprint phone, fingerprint safe, fingerprint terminal collection device, fingerprint attendance machine, fingerprint entrance guard system, ATM note box fingerprint lock, fingerprint payment instrument, human face recognition camera, human face recognition instrument, human face recognition entrance guard system, human face recognition camera module, human face recognition payment instrument, iris entrance guard system, embedded iris instrument, iris collection instrument, iris module, iris recognition equipment, vein module, vein recognition instrument, vein collection instrument, finger vein lock, vein recognition reader, vein log in terminal, biological recognition parts, glass, FPC, connectors, assembly, sensor, reader, network module, data manager, FPC, chip, dispenser, glue, glass cutting

7. Mobile Phone Metal Shell Prototyping

Manufacturing and Nano Molding Technology Raw material suppliers such as Aluminum magnesium copper, T treatment agent, Nano molding processing, Anode material, Die-casting machine, Punching machine, Laser engraving machine, Cutting machine, Injection molding machine, Deflashing machine, Polishing machine, Cleaning machine,Testing equipment


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