Scratch-resistant Corning Gorilla Glass NBT displays coming for touchscreen laptops

Mashing mobile technology together with traditional PC designs has a hit-and-miss track record—cough, cough—but Monday, Corning announced that one of the more practical smartphone innovations out there is coming to touchscreen PCs, in the form of Gorilla
page | 2016-02

The Market for Nanomaterial Solutions for ITO Replacement Gets Crowded

With the introduction of Apple’s iPhone and then all the other smart phones, and then the introduction of Apple’s iPad followed by all the other tablets, touch screen displays have experienced enormous growth over the last six years. However, from the beg
page | 2016-02

Touchscreen chips maker Synaptics' profit soars

(Reuters) - Touchscreen chips maker Synaptics Inc's profit rose nearly six-fold in the first quarter as sales to mobile phone makers nearly tripled.
page | 2016-02

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