About TAP Diamond Club

TAP Diamond Club offers a trading platform meticulously designed by C-TOUCH&DISLPAY SHENZHEN for high-quality visitors with purchasing demand or plan from touch panel manufacturers, flat panel display manufacturers and touch screen application enterprises, and aims to connect you with senior management of our exhibitors

By this platform, you can access to the latest information on products and technologies in the touch screen manufacturing industry, talk face-to-face with target exhibitors, enjoy exclusive top-level services and make your visit a joyful and fruitful experience.

Exclusive Privileges for TAPs

  • Privileges
  • Activities
  • Quick entrance without queuing up
  • Tailor-made visiting tour
  • First-hand information on newly launched products
  • Appointment with target exhibitors for on-site meeting
  • Access to TAP Lounge on the fairgrounds
  • Get your insights published through interviews
  • Gift package for TAPs

How to become a TAP

If you come from the following functions with purchase intent in the below industry sectors, after pre-registration and being verified by the organizer you can become a TAP to enjoy all privileges!

Touch Panel Manufacturers

Flat Panel Display Manufacturers

Touch screen application enterprises

Who are: Chairman, President, GM, Deputy GM, Division Manager, Purchasing Director, Purchasing Manager, Production Manager ,Manufacturing Supervisor, Facility Manager...


Data Analysis of TAP Visitors of C-TOUCH SHENZHEN 2016

VIP Benefits

  • “I have been to various exhibitions in China, but the service and rich exhibitor resources of C-TOUCH & DISPLAY SHENZHEN 2016 far surpassed those of other exhibitions. I was deeply impressed. After the event, many manufacturers contacted us to give a more detailed introduction of their products and laid a foundation for further cooperation. C-TOUCH & DISPLAY SHENZHEN 2016 is a comprehensive showcase of the entire industrial chain. The event provided our company, which focuses on terminal touchscreen machines, the opportunity to view numerous upstream and downstream products, which was conducive to improving our own company product range. We will follow and participate in the exhibition in the future.”

    --------Zhang Jie, Purchasing Manager, Inknoe

  • “Having been engaged in production field management and industrial engineering for several years now, I deeply understand how manufacturers always endeavor to pursue higher quality and excellent techniques. C-TOUCH & DISPLAY SHENZHEN provides an extensive industry platform that facilitates professionals in materials, equipment, technology and intelligent manufacturing to communicate and cooperate, which in turn, further promotes the development of the manufacturing industry. Moreover, as guests, we were extremely grateful for the exhibition’s high-quality service. We’d like to wish an even better future for the exhibition, and we hope it continues its role as a leader of industrial development!”

    --------Song Jiangping, Head of Industrial Engineering Department, FOXCONN

  • “The annual, three-day C-TOUCH & DISPLAY SHENZHEN exhibition has come to an end. This year’s event’s consistent display of the entire industrial chain-including touchscreen and related equipment, materials, components and application products, also provided us with warm, considerate and meticulous service. We feel such gratitude for the TAP team! In addition, two speeches were highly praised by our peers at the forum on display technology: “The Way the TP Industry Takes, Matures, Changes and Goes Beyond” with HIS Xie Zhongli and “Dow Corning’s Si OCR Solution – Enhancing the Reliability and Innovation of Automotive Electronics” with Wei Peng. We sincerely hope the exhibition will continue to get better and better; I’m sure that it will!”

    --------Zhao Ke, Senior Engineer of Technology Department, Research & Development Center,SHENZHEN LAIBAO HI-TECH CO., LTD

  • “The three-day C-TOUCH & DISPLAY SHENZHEN 2016 exhibition, centering on display and touchscreen, enabled our company to learn about the latest productsand trends in the industry. At the same time, the event staff provided thoughtful arrangements and offered us a solid platform for learning industrial trends. Weenjoyed and gained a lot from the tour, and we’d like to wish a better future for the exhibition!”

    --------Huang Yijun, Vice Chairman of Surface Treatment Technical Committee, FOXCONN

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