About TAP Diamond Club

TAP Diamond Club offers a trading platform meticulously designed by C-TOUCH&DISLPAY SHENZHEN for high-quality visitors with purchasing demand or plan from touch panel manufacturers, flat panel display manufacturers and touch screen application enterprises, and aims to connect you with senior management of our exhibitors

By this platform, you can access to the latest information on products and technologies in the touch screen manufacturing industry, talk face-to-face with target exhibitors, enjoy exclusive top-level services and make your visit a joyful and fruitful experience.

Exclusive Privileges for TAPs

  • Privileges
  • Activities
  • Quick entrance without queuing up
  • Tailor-made visiting tour
  • First-hand information on newly launched products
  • Appointment with target exhibitors for on-site meeting
  • Access to TAP Lounge on the fairgrounds
  • Get your insights published through interviews
  • Gift package for TAPs

How to become a TAP

If you come from the following functions with purchase intent in the below industry sectors, after pre-registration and being verified by the organizer you can become a TAP to enjoy all privileges!

Touch Panel Manufacturers

Flat Panel Display Manufacturers

Touch screen application enterprises

Who are: Chairman, President, GM, Deputy GM, Division Manager, Purchasing Director, Purchasing Manager, Production Manager ,Manufacturing Supervisor, Facility Manager...


Data Analysis of TAP Visitors of C-TOUCH SHENZHEN 2015

VIP Benefits

  • This exhibition has been the most satisfactory for me. The organizer brought together many suppliers of finished products, auxiliary products and production equipment. The exhibition not only showed cutting-edge products and technologies, but also facilitated communication between buyers and suppliers among TAP visitors. The TAP team was very professional and helped us to quickly find the exhibitors that were right for us. I hope the exhibition will become better and better in future.

    --------Guangdong Fusitong Intelligent Sci-Tech Co., Ltd., Chen Sheng, General Manager

  • I think this exhibition was the most satisfactory among so many others that I have attended. I sincerely thank the TAP staff for their considerate arrangements and great service! It is also praiseworthy how they offered services from the visitor’s perspective. I’d also like to thank the organizer for posting cards to our company’s visitors in advance and offering traffic assistance. The TAP staff came out to meet us personally and accompanied us throughout the exhibition. We hope the organizer will flourish and become richer in coming years, and we wish the TAP staff the best of luck with their work!

    --------Shenzhen Yeji Optoelectronics Co., Ltd., Chen Minhua, Purchasing Manager

  • This exhibition attracted many exhibitors, including upstream and downstream enterprises. Throughout the event, we learned about new concepts and technologies and met new friends. The organizer provided considerate services that made us feel comfortable. The TAP services were professional and business-focused. We hope that this exhibition will continue to improve and promote industrial communication while pushing the sound, ongoing development of the industry. We plan to attend C-TOUCH in 2016.

    --------Shenzhen China Star Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd., Tian Rongxing, Manager of Supplier Development Department

  • I have attended C-TOUCH SHENZHEN several times. It is still the biggest exhibition in the entire electronics industry, and even the communications industry. It is a large-scale commercial exhibition with a technical focus that continues to gather the most exhibitors. C-TOUCH provides us with a different experience each time. This year’s new TAP services were especially personalized for both exhibitors and visiting enterprises. The academic discussion themes and business cooperation built up bridges for communication. We hope that more exhibitors of technological products will be invited to the next edition to further promote academic discussion and exchange. Finally, we hope C-TOUCH SHENZHEN/SHANGHAI 2016 and their TAP teams will become even better, along with increased exhibitor numbers, thus allowing the exhibition to grow.

    --------Shenzhen Junda Optoelectronic Co., Ltd., He Ying, R&D Manager

Any inquiry, please contact:

Wendy Tian(TAP Consultant)
Tel: +86 10 5933 9184
Fax: +86 10 5933 9333
Mobile:+ 86 158 1139 1186


Leah Xu (TAP Consultant)
Tel: +86 10 5933 9326
Fax: +86 10 5933 9333
Mobile:+86 186 3377 8495


Exhibition Hours
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Thursday, Nov 24 10:00-17:00
Friday, Nov 25 09:00-17:00
Saturday, Nov 26 09:00-17:00
Visitor Hotline:0086 010- 69940113
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