Taking place in the heart of the Chinese electronics manufacturing industry, C-TOUCH & DISPLAY SHENZHEN is a profoundly influential and large scale professional exhibition in the touchscreen industry. On such a first-class platform where touch technologies are displayed, there are nearly 1000 renowned brands from both home and abroad, and over 35,000 buyers from the fields of touchscreen, display devices, home appliances, tablets, mobile solution design and the consumer electronics manufacturing industries. In addition, the exhibition also attracts core clients from industries such as automotive computing, navigation equipment, education and commercial large-sized display. Furthermore, over ten high-quality seminars featuring exclusive interviews from famous media and E-channel promotions will allow exhibitors more exposure to the market. We sincerely invite you to attend C-TOUCH & DISPLAY SHENZHEN to maintain your client relationships in a more convenient and efficient way, obtain sales guidance, promote new products and establish your corporate brand image thereby re-enforcing your enterprise’s competitive advantage. The International 3D Curved Glass Manufacture Technology & Application Exhibition, SapphireTech Expo Shenzhen and International Camera Module & Machine Vision Technology Exhibition are to be held simultaneously at the same venue gathering together new technologies, equipment and materials for the production and processing of 3D glass and sapphire, as well as new breakthroughs and trends in optical imaging and in the inspection and detection field.


Delegations Testimonials

“We’d like to thank the organizer for their invitation. Their warm and thoughtful service provided us with a pleasant experience throughout the exhibition. Thanks, indeed! We wish the exhibition continual progress and success in the future, and we’re looking forward to next year’s event!”

——Caihuang Precision Chemical (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. Xu Lijuan Delegate of Shenzhen Firm


“It was the first time our company took part in this exhibition. We benefited more than we expected. Our super-capacitor touchscreen was highly evaluated by many application industry buyers. We also met the three giants of the education industry and basically agreed on intent to trade. We will attend the exhibition next year; we hope it gets better and better!”


“The organizer provided good service, and those in charge displayed a strong sense of responsibility. Exhibitors were mostly well-known enterprises and the product display was diverse and plentiful. C-TOUCH & DISPLAY SHENZHEN 2016, as a brand exhibition, is widely recognized in the touchscreen industry. Many thanks to the exhibition’s tailored services that provided us with a smooth, convenient and efficient tour of the event.We’d like to wish the exhibition further progress in the future!

——Dongju (Dongguan) Electronics Technology Group, PRIMAX


“C-TOUCH & DISPLAY SHENZHEN 2016 is an important platform for industry exchange. It not only enabled us and our peers to learn about the latest technologies, techniques and products, but it also facilitated our face-to-face communication with exhibitors and customers. It is indeed a reliable exhibition. We’d also like to thank the organizer for their meticulous and thoughtful service, including registration, notifications and shuttle service arrangements. Thanks again! We wish C-TOUCH & DISPLAY SHENZHEN every success in the future!”

——Royole Corporation

“The organizer offered us comprehensive and timely information before the exhibition, in addition to free shuttle service. During the exhibition, the staff was well-mannered and guided us throughout the venue. The event gathered many exhibitors, including well-known enterprises, and served as a valuable industry resource. In addition, several well-organized and concurrently held forums were open to all visitors. In general, our tour of the exhibition went very smoothly. We plan to take part in the next event. Thanks!”


“In my opinion, this year’s exhibition has been the best in recent years. For one thing, the organizer did an excellent job promoting the event, as well as providing quality service inside and outside the venue. This year’s conference pre-registration and on-site management were also better than past years, while invited companies and keynote speakers were mostly related to hot topics in the touchscreen industry. Moreover, the scale of the exhibition has expanded and visitor numbers have increased compared with past years.”


“My company has participated in the exhibition as group visitors for the past two years. We have been satisfied with the service, symposiums and invited speakers. The exhibition arrangements not only saved us time, but also offered the best possible group visitor experience. Group visits are important for strengthening our company’s team-building because it allows our people more opportunities to communicate with each other. In general, the experience was good and we hope to join the exhibition next year. Thanks!”

——Kingcarrier Technology Co., Ltd.

Visitors Testimonials

This exhibition has been the most satisfactory for me. The organizer brought together many suppliers of finished products, auxiliary products and production equipment. The exhibition not only showed cutting-edge products and technologies, but also facilitated communication between buyers and suppliers among TAP guests. The TAP team was very professional and helped us to quickly find the exhibitors that were right for us. I hope the exhibition will become better and better in future.

——Guangdong Fusitong Intelligent Sci-Tech Co., Ltd. Chen Sheng General Manager

I think this exhibition was the most satisfactory among so many others that I have attended. I sincerely thank the TAP staff for their considerate arrangements and great service! It is also praiseworthy how they offered services from the visitor&rsquo's perspective.

I’d also like to thank the organizers for posting cards to our company’s visitors in advance and offering traffic assistance. The TAP staff came out to meet us personally and accompanied us throughout the exhibition. We hope the organizers will flourish and become richer in coming years, and we wish the TAP staff the best of luck with their work!

——Shenzhen Yeji Optoelectronics Co., Ltd. Chen Minhua Purchasing Manager

This exhibition attracted many exhibitors, including upstream and downstream enterprises. Throughout the event, we learned about new concepts and technologies and met new friends. The organizers provided considerate services that made us feel comfortable. The TAP VIP guest services were professional and business-focused. We hope that this exhibition will continue to improve and promote industrial communication while pushing the sound, ongoing development of the industry. We plan to attend C-TOUCH in 2016.

——Shenzhen China Star Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd. Tian Rongxing Manager of Supplier Development Department

I have attended C-Touch Shenzhen several times. It is still the biggest exhibition in the entire electronics industry, and even the communications industry. It is a large-scale commercial exhibition with a technical focus that continues to gather the most exhibitors. C-TOUCH provides us with a different experience each time.

This year’s new TAP services were especially personalized for both exhibitors and visiting enterprises. The academic discussion themes and business cooperation built up bridges for communication. We hope that more exhibitors of technological products will be invited to the next edition to further promote academic discussion and exchange. Finally, we hope C-TOUCH Shenzhen/Shanghai 2016 and their TAP teams will become even better, along with increased exhibitor numbers, thus allowing the exhibition to grow.

——Shenzhen Junda Optoelectronic Co., Ltd. He Ying R&D Manager

Exhibitor Comments

“This year, we showcased our complete product series for display screens - including those for mobile phones, panels, combo products and laptop display screens, further solidifying our company’s leading position in the display industry. Besides display products, we also exhibited a series of touchscreen products. To us, C-TOUCH & DISPLAYSHENZHEN is an ideal platform to show our latest solution plans and products. We were surprised to see that the professional grade of visitors was very high this year. Our target customers were also high in both quality and quantity. The exhibition offered us a vast number of reliable customers and we’d like to wish it an even better and more prosperous future.”

——Shenzhen K&D Technology Co., Ltd Li Zhongru, Vice President

“Our company started as a new materials manufacturer, and then successfully developed into a manufacturer of 65-inch, 86-inch and 98-inch touchscreen panels based on our ultra-low resistivity ITO technology. We debuted our 98-inch products at C-TOUCH & DISPLAY SHENZHEN because it’s a great value platform for both communication and applications, and it’s where we can find many potential customers. At this year’s event, the visitor flower ate was high and many exhibitors invited their friends, business partners, and customers to experience the exhibition as well. Professionals from various companies gathered at the event to discuss their needs, as well as to display their new products and technologies, all gaining good results. Meanwhile, the organizer was very careful and patient, having facilitated several of our business matching sessions both before and during the exhibition. In general, our experience was extremely positive. We’d like to wish C-TOUCH & DISPLAY SHENZHEN a bright future, and we look forward to joining the event next year.”

——Zhangjiagang Kangdexin Optoelectronic Material Co. Ltd Zhu Dengjin, Sales Manager, Touchscreen Division

“C-TOUCH & DISPLAY SHENZHEN is a great value platform for finding many potential customers. At this year’s event, the visitor flower ate was high and many exhibitors invited their friends, business partners, and customers to experience the exhibition as well. Professionals from various companies gathered at the event to discuss their needs ,as well as to display their new products and technologies, all gaining good results. Meanwhile, the organizer was very meticulous and patient. In general, our experience at the event was excellent. Thanks to C-TOUCH & DISPLAYSHENZHEN for offering a bridge for our company to communicate with both regular and new customers.”

——Shenzhen O-Film Tech Co., Ltd. Shen Qing, Marketing Department

“This was our first year to participate in C-TOUCH & DISPLAY SHENZHEN. We brought along many materials and application technologies that reflect current industrial trends. With the approaching 5G smartphone era, ceramics and other new materials and application technologies will soon be widely adopted. As one among just a few companies in the industry that can adroitly use technology to produce and process ceramic materials, we hope to deepen the understanding between us and the industry. The three-day exhibition attracted a lot of visitors and its themes were in accordance with our needs, allowing us to achieve our goals. We hope the exhibition gets better and better in future.”

——ChaoZhou Three-circle (Group) Co., Ltd Huang Haiyun, Deputy General Manager

“Our new product - 3D heat bending machine, successfully drew attention from many professional visitors at this year’s exhibition, many of whom expressed their willingness to purchase. The exhibition is not over for us because next year’s event is coming and we’ve already scheduled our participation in advance.”

——Aurora Opetoelectronics Liang Ying, Vice Minister of Sales Department

Thanks to the highly-efficient efforts of the organizer’s TAP program, our potential customers were well matched to our company and had real purchasing needs. We got to meet many new potential terminal customers and made many new friends, who had been introduced to us by our former customers. This year, we released our new product a brand-new ink for smartphone cover plates, and throughout the three-day exhibition, many regular and newcustomers expressed their intention to buy.”

——Teikoku Printing Inks Mfg. Co., Ltd. Wang Xinbo, Head of Business Management Department

“C-TOUCH & DISPLAY SHENZHEN is an influential brand in the industry, and many excellent exhibitors actively participated in the exhibition. By taking part in the concurrently held forum on smartphone casings, our company’s new products gained a lot of attention from professional visitors. A good many visitors came to our booth over the three-day period. The service before and during the exhibition was satisfactory, and we’d like to wish the exhibition a most brilliant future!”

——Hunan Yujing Machinery Co., Ltd Yang Jiawei, Engineer-in-Chief


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