Reed Exhibitions China Privacy Protection Statement

Reed Exhibitions Co., Ltd. and its subsidiaries, branches and affiliates (hereinafter collectively referred to as Reed Exhibitions or we) respect your privacy and are committed to protecting your personal information which will only be used for the purpose of providing better services to you.

As Reed Exhibitions is a global company, your personal information may be shared among its affiliates or branch offices (collectively referred to as Reed Exhibitions Parties). All these entities are subject to this Privacy Protection Statement (hereinafter referred to as this Statement).

This Statement is intended to tell you how we use personal information collected at this site (, hereinafter referred to as this Site). Please read this Statement before using the site or submitting any personal information. By using this Site, you are accepting the terms described in this privacy policy. These terms may be changed, but any changes will be posted promptly and changes will only apply to activities and information on an ongoing basis, not retroactively. You are suggested to review this Statement whenever you visit the site to make sure that you understand how any personal information you provide will be used.

1.Collection of Information

When you use this Site or our services, we collect and store personally identifiable information, including but not limited to names, genders, dates of birth, ID card numbers (or passport numbers), postal addresses, email addresses, phone numbers, residential addresses, occupations, employers, titles, educational backgrounds, income levels, family statuses, etc., when voluntarily submitted by our visitors. The information you provide is used to fulfill your specific requests and support your relationship with Reed Exhibitions Parties or their business partners.

If you provide the personal information of others (such as your colleagues and friends) to us, you must inform the person and gain his/her permission.

To obtain exclusive services, to register, or to download reports via the website of Reed Exhibitions Parties, you may need to log on to the website with a password. You are responsible for the privacy of your user account and password.

We also collect information such as the location where you log in and the browser and operating system you use through your IP address information, so as to optimize the display effect, and improve the services, of this Site.

2.Use of Information

Without your prior permission, Reed Exhibitions Parties will never provide, sell, lease, share or barter your personal information to any third parties, unless as otherwise provided in other terms of this Statement.

Reed Exhibitions Parties will use the information collected pursuant to Article 1 above only for the purposes of providing or improving Reed Exhibitions Parties’ products and services and advertising. Reed Exhibitions Parties may, through the personal information you provide to us, provide you with information that may interest you including but not limited to notices, invitations, reminders and questionnaires related to exhibitions.

Without your consent and confirmation, Reed Exhibitions Parties will not use the information provided by you for any other purposes, unless as otherwise provided in Article 4 below.

3.Your Rights

Before collecting any personal information, we will give you a notice and inform you of the purpose and use of the information to be collected. You have the right to decline any information from any or all of our communication channels, or require, at any time, adding to, altering, deleting or discontinuing the use of, any information that you provide to us voluntarily and is collected and stored by us.

Every email from Reed Exhibition Parties includes a link for you to unsubscribe to our newsletter. By clicking on it, you will no longer receive such emails.

4.Disclosure of Information

We will have the right to disclose the information collected pursuant to Article 1 above to a third party under the following circumstances:

(1)You have agreed to such disclosure;

(2)Such disclosure is required to prevent any hazards to the personal or property safety of you or others;

(3)Such disclosure is required to investigate and/or prevent any actual or potential frauds or illegal transactions;

(4)Such disclosure is required for the sake of material public interest; or

(5)Such disclosure is required by a government authority or legal provision.

5.Commitment to Data Security

At Reed Exhibitions Parties, we take the security of your personal information very seriously. We use a variety of security technologies and procedures to help protect your personal information from unauthorized access, use, or disclosure. For example, we store the personal information you provide on computer servers with limited access that are located in controlled facilities. Additionally, if we transmit sensitive personal information over the Internet, we protect it through the use of encryption, such as the Secure Socket Layer (SSL) protocol.

6.Privacy & Cookies

What are “cookies”?

“Cookies” (also known as HTTP cookies, web cookies or browser cookies) are simply small pieces of data, which are stored as text files on your computer, whenever you visit certain websites. Their typical purpose is to help sites remember particular actions you may have done there in the past. For example, cookies may track when you have logged into a site, visited certain pages or clicked certain buttons.

Websites maintained by Reed Exhibitions use cookies to improve your user experience. In many cases, cookies are even essential for certain features of a site.

For example, we use cookies to:

•  Remember when you have logged into a site.

•  Remember your user preferences, searches and favorites.

•  Track your usage of a site, via WebAbacus© and Google Analytics©.

•  Track the success of our marketing campaigns. Additionally, Reed Exhibitions Parties have a small set of carefully selected third-party providers.

These third-parties use cookies to:

•  Target more relevant advertisements to you (DoubleClick™, 6-degrees©)

•  Enable social media sharing (AddThis©, Facebook©, Twitter©, YouTube©)

•  Ensure better service delivery (Ooyala®) You can view a full list of all cookies used by RX websites in the “What cookies do we use and why?” section.

Are cookies harmful?

Cookies cannot harm you or your computer. They cannot contain viruses, cannot install harmful software and cannot damage your computer in any way. Although RX uses cookies to gather encrypted information to improve your user experience, this information is never personally identifiable. We do not use cookies to store any sensitive information, such as name, address or contact details.

Despite this, if you do wish to disable or remove cookies, please see the “Help” section of your browser or mobile device. Each browser or device handles the management of cookies differently, so you will need to refer to your appropriate “Help” documentation. However, as mentioned, please be aware that cookies are essential for certain features of an RX site to work properly.

Why are we telling you this?

The information provided here on the use of cookies on RX websites demonstrates our compliance with recent cookie legislation. We also want you, as a valued RX website user, to fully understand your privacy, how cookies affect you and to be entirely comfortable with your RX website experience.

We trust that this information eases any concerns you may have had about your privacy and safety with cookies. BY CONTINUING TO USE OUR WEBSITE, YOU AGREE TO BE SUBJECT TO THE TERMS OF THIS STATEMENT AND OUR USE OF COOKIES AS DISCLOSED IN THIS STATEMENT.

What cookies do we use and why?

The following shows the full list of platform cookies, used throughout all R websites.

__utmaGoogle Analytics2 yearsGoogle Analytics© is another analytics solution, which provides information about your activity on an RX website. As with WebAbacus?, this helps us to understand what works on the site and better tailor it to your needs. This cookie is used to determine unique visitors to an RX website. It is updated with each page view.
_utmbGoogle Analytics30 minutesThis is another Google Analytics© cookie. It is used to establish a user session with an RX website.
_utmcGoogle AnalyticsNoneThis is another Google Analytics© cookie. It determines whether or not a new session has been created.
_utmzGoogle Analytics6 monthsThis is another Google Analytics© cookie. It is used to identify how you arrived at the site, whether via a direct method, a referring link, a website search or a campaign, such as an advertisement or email link. This cookie is used to calculate search engine traffic, advertisement campaigns and page navigation. It is updated with each page view.
.EPiServerLoginReed ExhibitionsSessionThis cookie is set when you log into an RX website. It remembers that you are logged in, as you navigate through the site?s pages.
[HOST]_trackingDataReed Exhibitions14 daysSimilar to the[THIS SITE] cookie, if you have arrived at an RX website via one of our marketing campaigns, this cookie stores the campaign?s information and reports its success to us.[THIS SITE]Reed Exhibitions1 hourIf you have arrived at an RX website via one of our marketing campaigns, this cookie stores the campaign?s information and reports its success to us.
novaStateReed ExhibitionsSessionThis cookie helps an RX website to remember your preferences. For example, if you view a site in a chosen language, every page within your session is then displayed in this language. As another example, if you add an exhibitor to your Show Planner, this is recorded by the cookie so that this exhibitor will be displayed in your planner, the next time you visit.
showcookiecomplianceReed ExhibitionsPermanentThis cookie is set when you dismiss the "Privacy and Cookies" message, displayed at the bottom of an RX website. Once set, it ensures you will not be shown this message again.
url referrerReed ExhibitionsSessionIf you have arrived at an RX website via one of our marketing campaigns, this cookie helps us report on the webpage from which you arrived.
voviciSurvey_invitationDateTimeReed Exhibitions60 minutesThis is another Vovici© cookie. It ensures that a survey is only served to you, after you have been on the site for more than two minutes.
voviciSurvey_noInvitationsReed Exhibitions10 yearsVovici© is the company used by RX to supply website surveys, often to elicit feedback on the websites themselves. This cookie remembers when you have completed a survey and prevents it from being served to you again.[THIS SITE]Reed Exhibitions1 YearWhen you have: Submitted a request to attend, exhibit or advertise at an RX show OR Provided your details in order to access premium content on an RX site. This cookie remembers that you have already done so and ensures that you do not have to re-submit your request or re-enter your details.


7.Juveniles and Privacy

If you are a natural person who does not have the full capacity for civil rights and civil conduct, Reed Exhibitions Parties suggest you do not provide any personal information to us without your statutory guardian’s consent. If we find that any natural person who does not have the full capacity for civil rights and civil conduct provides any personal information to us without his/her statutory guardian’s consent, and no evidence that his/her statutory guardian has agreed to such provision is found within a reasonable period of time after the provision of such information, we will delete such information.


Apart from Article 4 of this Privacy Statement, Reed Exhibitions Parties also disclaim any responsibilities under the following circumstances:

•  Any losses and relevant legal disputes and consequences that are caused by your disclosure of any personal information or registered account information to others.

•  Any losses and relevant legal disputes and consequences that are caused by hacker or computer virus attack, government action, ISP operator or any force majeure.

•  Leakage of personal information or registered account information due to reasons related to other websites linked to this Site and any losses and relevant legal disputes and consequences caused thereby. 9. Change or Updating

Reed Exhibitions has the right to change or update this Statement at any time.

10. Questions or Suggestions

Reed Exhibitions welcomes your comments regarding this Statement. If you have questions about this Statement or believe that we have not duly adhered to it, please contact us



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