Visual Inspection System Technology and Application Seminar 2017


I. Background


With the transformation and upgrading of China’s manufacturing sector, China's photoelectric display industry has made enormous strides from “Made in China” to “Made in China with Wisdom”, and the machine vision and production automation equipment markets have witnessed explosive growth. The automatic recognition function of machine vision is efficient and accurate in performing detection that’s highly repeatable on the line. Besides being applied to industrial production, thanks to its powerful information processing capabilities, machine vision will also facilitate huge leaps of imagination in the future.


In order to display the latest technology and products in the machine vision industry and to promote the combination of innovative technology and application, Reed Exhibitions Kuozhan Shanghai Co., Ltd. will launch “Visual Inspection System Technology and Application Seminar 2017”, running alongside the “International Camera Module & Machine Vision Technology Exhibition 2017”. Via keynote speeches, group discussions and other events, the Seminar will show the latest technological achievements and products of the upstream and downstream enterprises of the industry to over 200 visitors from such sectors as photoelectric display, smart phones, tablet PCs, digital cameras, smart TV, smart wear, automotive, security monitoring, smart home, UAV, virtual reality, and medical treatment.


II. Date and Venue


Date: Afternoon, November 24, 2017

Venue: Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center


III. Organizer






IV. Agenda



Topic of the Speech
13:50-14:00Opening Speech
14:00-14:30Application and Difficulty Analysis of Machine Vision in Photoelectric Display
14:30-15:00 Yield and Cost-driven Unmanned factory – A Flash in the Pan or A General Trend?
15:00-15:30Application of in Depth Learning of  Machine Vision
15:30-16:00Overall Solution of Industrial Lens in Machine Vision
16:00-16:303D Imaging: Re-innovation of Machine Vision Optics
16:30-17:00Group Discussion


V. Targeted Audience



VI. Sponsorship Proposal



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Friday , Nov 2410:00-17:00
Saturday, Nov 259:00-17:00
Sunday, Nov 269:00-15:00
Visitor Hotline:0086 010 - 5763 1828